Service Learning at The Lexington School

A Rising Partnership: (Video) On Service Learning at The Lexington School

It’s The Lexington School’s birthday, and to celebrate 57 amazing years, Mr. Baldecchi has asked every TLS student to bring a gift. He’s not looking for a donation, and please don’t bring something for a 57 year old. Rather, bring balls and crafts and legos, active, educational gifts for our brothers and sisters at William Wells Brown Elementary School.

The Lexington School has a long-standing relationship with William Wells Brown. It’s not because they are the Colts and we are the Colts (lots of colts in Lexington, Kentucky by the way). It’s not because we live right next door to each other either.  In fact, most people might assume we have little in common, but that’s not exactly true. We have children in common, and we want to teach them and give them what they need to be successful in life. So we are friends, and good friends scratch each others’ backs.  Friends give back to each other the way good relationships ought. Good friends raise each other up.

This video tells more of the story of this special partnership: preschool’s mitten tree, first grade’s sock drive, second grade’s book collection, third grade’s “Laces of Love,” fourth grade’s clothing drive, and middle school’s holiday adoption programs. It is the story of an entire school caring for another entire school from beginning to end, door to door. It is this consistent care and consistent service learning that raises up everyone. We rise by lifting others, and they rise by teaching us too.

Happy birthday everyone. Happy birthday Lexington School. Happy birthday to the hundreds of children at William Wells Brown. Now EVERYONE gets a gift.

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  1. Yvonne Walters

    We at WWB truly appreciate each and every one of you! Our relationship with TLS is so important to us. Thank you for all of your support! There isn’t a day that goes by that TLS isn’t talked about here at WWB.

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