Final Heads Letter at The Lexington School

“A Final Heads Letter” by Chuck Baldecchi

Dear TLS Community, 

I have so many wonderful memories of The Lexington School. I have memories of the interview process and the energy and enthusiasm I felt for this school. TLS clicked in my heart from the start. I remember our first Holiday Concert with Bella in my arms, Alex in Erin’s belly, and Cade not yet a thought. I remember our last Holiday Concert and tears streaming down my cheek as the sound of sweet voices singing “One Candle” wafted through the gym. This year’s 8th graders were born the year we arrived at TLS, and the 8th graders I first handed a diploma to that first Friday in June fifteen years ago are now knocking on the big 3-0. 

There are so many milestones to remember over the years like moving into the Lower School Building, Celebrating the 50th Anniversary, starting The Learning Center, and breaking ground on the new Academic Center. While those milestones are significant, the truth is they aren’t what I have reflected on the most these last couple of months. It’s the community. It’s the students and their parents. It’s the faculty and administration. It’s the board of trustees and the alumni. It’s the trust we share – that we have earned over time.

The beautiful work of education and leading a school community is that each day and each decision is different. There is no “playbook” with the right answers, and when there is no “right” answer, trust is essential. Humans make mistakes, especially humans who are growing into young adults. Making mistakes is the only way a person learns, grows, matures. Adults make mistakes, too—parents, teachers, Heads of School. If we trust one another, though, we allow room for imperfection and, paradoxically, that leads to a “perfect” education. Like the students who have graced these “halls of learning,” I, too, have grown up as a person, as a father, as a friend, as a leader. The Lexington School is my home. An old African Proverb says, “It takes a village, to raise a child.” The Lexington School has raised me; it’s my village. I share this experience with the thousands of children who have gone to school here since 1959, and I will be forever grateful to every member of this community—this school—for the rest of my life. 

The term Alma Mater can be translated as “nourishing mother,” and the idea is your school nourishes you—feeds your intellect, your character, your soul, your humanity. How can someone ever say thank you for that? The good news is a mother doesn’t need a thank you. She gives love unconditionally. Because of this, I have been “nourished” by The Lexington School, and I love her back unconditionally! 

With gratitude for a job I love (past, present, and future), 

Charles D. Baldecchi
Head of School

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  1. Kelli Webb

    This is a wonderful tribute to an incredible 15 years but it doesn’t begin to touch what you have done for the TLS community in that time. We are so grateful to you and your steadfast and brave leadership. There has been a lot of growth and, therefore, changes and that always requires vision, courage and consensus building. You have exemplified all three. We are so lucky to have had you and pray for even more professional success in your future. Never forget you are a Wildcat amongst Tarheels (and good luck figuring out what that is:) Love and Godspeed to the Baldecchis.

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