Teaching and Learning

  • OAK is The Lexington School's version of Genius Hour.

    Building Passions Out of OAK

    What do we know about construction? There’s a lot of it going on at TLS right now, and it’s not just outside. In sixth grade, constructing projects based upon freeform research on topics of personal interest builds practical learning skills and provides evidence that finding a passion is a fluid endeavor. OAK projects shows kids that building a passion might just be better than following one.

  • Student Tour Guides Show the Way on Prospective Family Day at The Lexington School

    Students Show the Way on Prospective Family Day

    Walk into the Fine Arts wing on November 3rd at 10:00 A.M., and you will see something you don’t see many places–It’s Prospective Family Day, and the kids are running the […]

  • Environmental Debates: A Capstone Project at The Lexington School

    Environmental Debates: Another Capstone Challenge

    The 8th grade capstone year is filled with leadership and academic rite of passages unique to The Lexington School. These challenges prepare our young adults for what’s next–high school, college, […]

  • Preschool Art Show Celebrates Creativity at The Lexington School

    Preschool Art Show Celebrates Creativity [Video][Photos]

    “You can’t use up creativity.  The more you use, the more you have.”  – Maya Angelou The gallery is packed with people perusing the walls, commenting on the vibrant colors, […]

  • The Pied Piper of Creativity Shares a Few Secrets. Imagine This! is a class on creativity at The Lexington School.

    The Pied Piper of Creativity Shares a Few Secrets [Video]

    When a student says, “Mr. Pace, can I make a civilization of unicorn-people who live on rainbows and eat glitter?” He answers, “Yes, please!” Tyler Pace is the Pied Piper […]

  • Preschool Professional Development Continuing Education

    Mary Beers Series Gives Teachers Real Ideas for Tomorrow [Video]

    It’s late in the afternoon on a Tuesday. Thirty five preschool teachers are on the floor of Lori Barnett’s art room, their bodies bent halfway into empty, plastic, baby swimming […]

  • Capstone Project: A Meaningful Collaboration at The Lexington School

    Capstone Project: A Meaningful Collaboration [Video]

    Merriam-Webster Definition of capstone. 1 : a coping stone : coping. 2 : the high point : crowning achievement. The capstone of her career. The Lexington School definition of Capstone. 1 : research […]

  • Preschool project work; water; curiosity

    The Wonders of Water: A Tale of PK Project Work [Photos]

    QUESTION: “Why does it rain?” Do you know the answer off the top of your head? We COULD search the internet. “Just Google it.” Thousands of people have studied weather […]

  • Design Thinking Challenge

    Solving the World’s Problems One Design at a Time [Video]

    Think of a problem that needs solving. It could be big or it could be small–world hunger or how to lace your shoes for more efficient tying. All problems large […]

  • Extra Twenty Minutes at The Lexington School

    Twenty Extra Minutes Makes Magic [VIDEO]

    Here’s a study: add twenty minutes to your day and take notes on what more you accomplish. What’s your hypothesis? Will you add value to your life in that twenty […]