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  • The Lexington School and Bluegrass Farms Charities send 25 kids to summer camp

    Bluegrass Farms Charities Keeps 25 Kids Curious!

    Arts and crafts, “Olympic” field games, football, dinosaurs and so much more. Active summer learning is a gift. Summer camp is an experience some kids take for granted and not all […]

  • Thumbnail for the post titled: Sarah on Creativity: 4 Ways We Train Kids to Think Differently

    Sarah on Creativity: 4 Ways We Train Kids to Think Differently

    Can you think of something new, different, or original? Can you solve a problem that seems to have only one solution? Can you do it quickly? This skill is Creativity, and […]

  • Teaching Curiosity: “Curiosity INSPIRED the Cat.”

    Cate’s graduation address on CURIOSITY drums up many examples of how students at The Lexington School learn this important Mission Skill. The question “WHY?” is a welcome one at TLS and […]

  • Happy Birthday America! Teach Your Kids Why We Celebrate.

    Fireworks, family picnics, the red, white, and blue—these are just a few of the images we conjure when we think of the 4th of July. Each year millions of Americans […]

  • On RESILIENCE: All Those Little Things Add Up.

    Hanae is next to tell the story of Mission Skills and how they affected this 2016 graduation class. Her story is about the small things that add up, the first […]

  • 12 Great Ideas for Rainy Day Play

    Summer storms can really mess up a good plan, and we all know how disappointed our kids can be when the pool bag is packed, suits are on, lunch is in the cooler, […]

  • Teamwork

    On TEAMWORK: Lexington School Grads Speak

    Did you know that three out of every four people are afraid of public speaking? Imagine now that you are fourteen standing in front of hundreds of people at your […]

  • Junior Leadership Program

    Leadership Lexington School

    They are eleven and twelve years old and just DONE with traditional day camps. They’ve made the circuit of local sports and pottery camps, exhausted their options. They are caught in […]

  • To Commence is to Begin: The Lexington School Graduation Tradition

    When we take to the grass to find our seats at The Lexington School’s commencement ceremony, we see familiar faces with watery eyes. There are always tears. Parents cry, graduates cry, […]

  • Marijo and Her Little Dog Too

    After 38 years of service to The Lexington School, Marijo Foster is retiring. Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean we won’t see her. In fact, we know she will continue to make […]