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  • Thumbnail for the post titled: All in ONE Lexington School Library

    All in ONE Lexington School Library

    When was the last time you took a trip to the card catalog? According to a 2015 Smithsonian Magazine article, it has been a while and it is officially over. […]

  • FOUR VALEDICTORIANS from The Lexington School class of 2015

    FOUR VALEDICTORIANS, Three High Schools, One TLS.

    What does it say when four graduates from The Lexington School class of 2015 go on to become Valedictorians? It says a bunch about THEM (and maybe a little about […]

  • Jamie Rosenstein commencement address at The Lexington School

    Lessons for “Nooglers”: Jamie Rosenstein ’08 Addresses the TLS Graduates

    Members of the Class of 2019 were fortunate this year to have Jamie Rosenstein ’08 as our 25th alumni commencement speaker. Currently a People Analyst at Google, she has worked […]

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    Southwest Experience 2019

    DAY EIGHT COMPLETE Pack and Play   There are so many teaching moments on this trip, but one of our favorites is that everywhere you go you can pretty much […]

  • Final Heads Letter at The Lexington School

    “A Final Heads Letter” by Chuck Baldecchi

    Dear TLS Community,  I have so many wonderful memories of The Lexington School. I have memories of the interview process and the energy and enthusiasm I felt for this school. […]

  • Etiquette Dinner at The Lexington School Making Way for Manners Matters

    Making Way for Manners Makes a Difference [Video]

    “Because WHATEVER doesn’t work here anymore” is the tagline for 8th Grade Etiquette Workshop. Simply understood, it is no longer enough to shrug off the details, to lack initiative or […]

  • What Chuck Baldecchi has learned from teachers at The Lexington School

    Teachers Have Changed My Life: A Head’s Letter by Chuck Baldecchi

    In my first month on the job fifteen years ago, I met with the “new” faculty for a day of orientation led by Ann Eames, TLS’s legendary English teacher and […]

  • Building Better Biographies and a Bunch of Life Skills Too at The Learning Center at The Lexington School

    Building Better Biographies and A Bunch of Life Skills Too [Video & Photos]

    Remember your first research paper? Hours and hours in the library, toiling over card catalogs and microfiche, scavenging the racks for sources to support your thesis, notecard after notecard written […]

  • Eunice Beatty is Interim Lower School Head at The Lexington School

    Eunice Beatty is Getting Busy…Again

    Eunice Beatty is busy. She’s been busy being a mom, grandmother, wife, educator, college administrator, counselor, accreditor, board member, community volunteer, and friend to the many who ask for her […]

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    Almost Time for Tim

    Is it possible Tim Alford was bound for The Lexington School? It was just a matter of time? After all, he met Mary Bruce Gray ’99 at the University of the South when she was just a Freshman and he was just a Sophomore, and they’ve been together ever since. After all, he wanted to be a teacher and a leader, circuitously finding his way to independent schools via a variety of other institutions. And after all, Tim happens to love Middle Schoolers.