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12 Great Ideas for Rainy Day Play

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Summer storms can really mess up a good plan, and we all know how disappointed our kids can be when the pool bag is packed, suits are on, lunch is in the cooler, and BOOM! the crushing sound of thunder followed by CRACK! that scary sound of lightening dashes the whole morning and those relaxed summer smiles.

Rainy days are part of the summer experience, so it’s important to be prepared. At The Lexington School’s Camp Curiosity, counselors feel the same about rain that you do, but they stay ready for keeping kids curious indoors and out. Here are 12 great ideas for rainy day play implemented just today (fresh off the press!) that might help out the next time those clouds move in.

  1. Play Dress up (Princess, Superhero…).
  2. Add a thematic craft (wand, magical resource).
  3. Have a tea party.
  4. Build a Story House and READ.
  5. Make thematic crafts (Snoopy visors, bracelets…).
  6. Go Fishing! Play thematic games like graphing with Goldfish. 
  7. Make Pretzels–even four year olds can handle this recipe. 
  8. Learn chemistry by making your own cheese.
  9. Play indoor soccer (You don’t need a gym-a basement or garage will do).
  10. Have a daytime slumber party.
  11. Give and take homemade facials.
  12. Play indoor flashlight tag.

Have ideas of your own or want some of our recipes? Contact us here and share or make your request, and we’ll send you more specifics.  

Otherwise, here’s to a curious summer filled with lots of new, fresh play in or outside the four walls of wherever you may be!



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