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Young Alumni Networking Event Makes Connections

“Remember in high school, college, or just graduating, when you were trying to learn about a certain industry or profession, but you really had no idea? Seems like you always hear about Lexington School alumni who are doing well in so many areas, and you’d want to call them but maybe felt a little uncomfortable. The networking events try to make that connection more comfortable.” Griffin Miller ’07 is describing the 2017 Young Alumni Networking Event at Cross Gate Gallery coming soon on January 5th.

The Lexington School’s Alumni Council has created a fun and informal forum for helping young alumni learn from the expertise of many well-established TLS alumni and friends. The Lexington School community is a strong and influential group with connections in a wide variety of industries. Networking is the key to success in any profession, and The Lexington School wants to help with the process.

Alumni Council has worked countless hours building the program from a simple idea. Griffin Miller ’07 continues, “We’re always thinking about ways to help younger alums understand how much potential they have. There are so many successful TLS alums who are happy to mentor and help kids who are just starting out and want to learn more, want to connect.” 

So far so good. Take last year’s event. It was a huge success. Lucy McKinstry described the event in a recent “Pinpoints” article:

As the last of the standing-room-only crowd departed Saul Good restaurant, three Alumni Council Presidents – one current, two former – were all smiles. Kav Milward ’95, Jeff Truitt ’85, and Jeff Jefferson ’85 agreed the evening was an over- whelming success. Head of School Chuck Baldecchi and TLS board member Rob Perez, owner of Saul Good, con- curred that the large dining room was barely large enough, even cleared of most furniture, for the group of over 80 TLSers. The event was planned and organized by Kav, Jeff Truitt and Will Milward ’99, who each gave credit, too,
 to Griffin Miller ’07, teaching intern, for helping generate enthusiasm for the wildly popular event. Modestly, Griffin insisted, “It is of vital importance to recognize the success of this event was truly a collaborative effort.”

Hosted by the Alumni Council, the evening featured a TLS panel of experts representing a wide range of interests and industries in Central Kentucky: Shannon Bishop Arvin ’90, equine law; Peter Barr ’96, real estate; Dr. Laura Bonzo, education; Lincoln Brown ’95, entrepreneurship; Dr. Luke Fallon ’85, veterinary medicine; Bret Jones ’96, equine industry; Tom Kessinger, wealth management; and Dr. Tommy Slabaugh ’89, medicine.

Kav spoke for the entire Alumni Council as he said, “A special thanks goes to the alumni industry representatives, who took time from their busy schedules to interact with all of the younger TLS alumni. We want to thank the young alumni, too, who attended the event. We hope it provided them the opportunity to learn more about different potential career paths and to connect with older, well-established alumni, who are willing to help them.”

The Alumni Council is extremely excited to announce the upcoming (amazing) confirmed slate of mentors for the January 5th Young Alumni Networking Event at Cross Gate Gallery. Continue to watch for an updated list closer to the event.




Mike Friesen – BANKING


Rebekah Gray with Gray Construction Internship Coordinator – ENGINEERING

Greg Anderson (Lexmark, LAW)

Liz Bazner (Yum! Brands, MARKETING)

Brad Harris (Alltech-LAW)

Shannon Latham and Dunn Latham ’07-Little English-FASHION/ SALES/ CUSTOMER SERVICE/ RETAIL


Craig Bandoroff- EQUINE INDUSTRY


Jerry Psimer – CPA

Chuck Baldecchi – EDUCATION

Alexis Witherspoon – EQUINE INDUSTRY (Keeneland)

The Lexington School family is special. The Alumni Council and Association aims to deepen the connections not just in Lexington but nation-wide. If you are an alumnus of TLS interested in helping the younger set get started, please contact us and let us know. We want to connect you because as we come together, we make the TLS family tree wider, taller, stronger for everyone.

If you are a young alum, just getting started, this opportunity is not to be missed. Contact the development office or REGISTER ONLINE and let them know you’ll be there!

Here’s a quick visual of last year’s event:

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