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Free Early Reading Screenings: A Community Outreach Initiative

The Learning Center at The Lexington School is pleased to announce free early reading screenings to children in grades Kindergarten through third grade. Free and open to the public.

The screenings take approximately 45 minutes to one hour. Parents will leave with feedback, as well as recommendations, for home and the classroom. This is a good first step for parents and teachers who think that their child may have a language-based learning difference. The screenings do not provide a specific diagnosis.


  • Efficient testing of early literacy skills (45-60 minutes)
  • Immediate feedback followed by a written report
  • Recommendations for classroom and at home
  • An assessment conducted by a trained expert in the field of language-based learning differences.



Recent studies indicate that approximately 5-10% of American schoolchildren have some type of learning difficulty. Most often, the learning differences are language-based, making it difficult for students to read, write, and spell. 80% of students with a learning difference find reading to be challenging.

The latest research shows that early intervention in primary grades can prevent reading problems for most children and significantly reduce the number of students diagnosed with language-based learning differences. Studies conducted by Dr. Nadine Gaab from Boston’s Children’s Hospital show the brain to have the greatest “plasticity” when children are in kindergarten and first grade. Therefore, this is the most opportune and effective time for reading intervention.

Jane Childers, Director of the Early Reading Screenings Program explains, “Since the inception of The Learning Center, very few students in first and second grade come to us from outside The Lexington School. Those who come in third or fourth grade have experienced a failure to a degree that makes remediation much more difficult. Often, schools wait until a student is significantly below grade level before administering any screening or intervention. This ‘wait to fail’ approach that students must experience before they receive remediation outside our school has driven me to make these screenings available.” 

Early intervention allows students to get help before reading problems become embedded and complicated by self-awareness issues. It can impact how children think, learn, and who they are as they grow older.

“The earlier the better, regardless of whether or not students are at The Learning Center,” says Jane. “This program isn’t for us. It’s to reach our community more broadly and to help children and families before things get really difficult.”

To learn more, contact Jane Childers or REGISTER here for an appointment.

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Free early reading screenings

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