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TLS Fall Sports Highlight Resilience and Teamwork [Video and Photos]

“Individual commitment to a group effort: That is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” — Vince Lombardi

The newspapers and friday night local news cover college and high school sports every week. Rarely will you find information about elementary or middle school athletics no matter how riveting the season’s outcomes. That’s okay. We don’t get our feelings hurt, and here’s why: sports at The Lexington School aren’t just about winning seasons and bringing home the hardware. Those outcomes are great fun and a part of the student athlete experience at TLS, but the main reason we celebrate TLS athletics is because of what these activities teach our young, developing minds and bodies. Skills like resilience and teamwork far outlast the first place finish. Here’s what that looks like.

Fall Sports Highlights 

Coach Tracy Young on Girls Volleyball: “We had another amazing championship season. The girls worked hard every day after school showing resilience both on the court and off. They learned many new skills as players transitioned into new roles and positions this year . Their ability to adapt in high-pressure game-time situations was remarkable. Growth, both as a person and as an athlete, was a hallmark of this season.” The A team had an undefeated season and won the league tournament. About 40 girls participated this season with three teams total. The younger teams developed and improved each game they played, learning the game and teamwork fundamentals.  More volleyball photos HERE. 

Coach Griffin Miller ’07 on Boys Soccer: “This soccer season our boys were able to overcome adversity and finish the season on a high note. As coaches, we are incredibly proud of our players for never giving up this season and coming to practice with a desire to get better every day. After our Green Team lost to Louisville Collegiate and the Gray Team lost to U11 LFC Blue, our boys had a choice to make: they could quit and give up on the season, or they could learn from their mistakes and try to get better every day. Lucky for us, the players chose the latter. As a result, our Green Team finished the season by defeating Commonwealth 3-0 and our Gray Team tied U11 LFC Blue (a month after we lost to them 2-5). In the end, we are proud of our students’ resilience and learning to overcome adversity.” See soccer photos HERE. 

Coach Joe Conley on Football: “A 4-4 season proved challenging and rewarding for TLS football players. They worked hard all season and felt the taste of victory with wins over Jessie Clark, Paris Greyhounds, and Beaumont. Another big win for our boys was their time on the field in practice and games learning football, physical, and character skills from our incredible coaching staff led by Coach Chad Pennington and including professional athletes Yeremiah Bell, Austin Kearns, and Shane Boyd. Watching our boys grow and develop throughout the season is a win for all of us involved in coaching the sport at TLS.” Album of football photos HERE. 

Coach Tom Parlanti on Boys and Girls Cross Country: “With four XC teams and many runners across grades 4-8, there were many season accomplishments. Hard work is the theme with any running competitors, and TLS kids have incredible work ethic. Highlights from the state meet include: Claire Wilkes finished 5th in the 4th and under Championship out of 375 runners and Grady LaMonica finished 18th out of 375 runners with a time of 7:56. Caroline Beiting finished 14th in her 6th and under race with a time of 12:20 with a total of 406 runners in her race. Cate Conklin was 29th out of 415 runners in the 8th and under middle school race, and Clay Monohan was 50th out of 494 runners in boys 8th and under race. The top 50 are medalists. The Girls Middle School Team was 18th overall (top 20 in the state). Big thanks to Coach Jim Kaiser and Coach Tracy Kostelic. It was another great Cross Country season.” 

The Lexington School’s athletics program is 100% participatory. All students are invited to be on a team or teams of their choice. Over 50% of students in grades 4-8 participate in athletics at TLS. It’s another way this school deepens the learning experience for its students.


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