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“Una’s WHY” by Head of School Una MacCarthy [Podcast]


I know how quickly we all move these days and finding the time to read all that we want to read can be a challenge. I really enjoy podcasts because I can multitask and still learn something new. They are concise and interesting, so even a short trip somewhere in my car or folding laundry, I can push “play,” and engage my brain. 

Each month, I hope to invite a conversation, and in short-format discuss something of interest to our community and to me. So I am introducing “Una’s Podcast.”  I hope this will be a fun way to talk about big ideas. If you are a reader and prefer that mode of communication, each podcast is transcribed, so you can read rather than listen. I will provide some resources in each podcast for further learning and conversation, so click on the links if you want to dive a little deeper.

This month’s podcast was inspired by Simon Sinek’s book, which is the focus of his Ted Talk “Start with Why”   Sinek tells us to “start with the WHY.” In the days leading up to the opening of school, I asked all the faculty and staff to consider our WHY–our personal WHYs and WHY TLS. After a couple of days working in classrooms and meeting with grade levels and divisions, we came back together, and I shared my WHY.

This podcast is a portion of what I shared during our faculty meeting. It is my personal WHY. It includes some history on how my WHY evolved and why it is important to me.

The reason “WHY” matters: in answering what seems to be a simple question, we can discover our core values as individuals and as an institution. In listening to our own WHYs, we better understand the value proposition of the organization we make whole, and together we can focus on fulfilling that shared mission. It’s a thoughtful way to start off a new year.

In conjunction, we put together a video of faculty as they contemplate and discuss their personal and TLS WHYs. It’s pretty powerful stuff if you ask me. ##

If you’d like to subscribe to Una’s Podcast so you don’t miss out on the fun, click HERE. It is certain to be an educational, motivational, and enjoyable ride! 

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