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Watershed Moments Build Curiosity

It finally rained, and VOILA! there were raindrops, a puddle, and even a little mud. Amazing how three mundane things can inspire learning. It’s the curious mind of a four-year-old that makes it so. Looking out the window after months of dry pavement, seeing one’s reflection in a pool of water is a watershed moment in The Lexington School preschool world of wonder.

“How long will the puddle last,” asks one of a gaggle sloshing around in their rain boots. “We will have to watch and see,” said their teacher. “What are your guesses?”

Asher “15 days”, Ashwin “5 days”, Benjamin “1 day”, Cooper “a million days”, Ellie “60 days”, Elise “a long time”, Embry “40 hours”, Lauren C. “30 minutes”, Lauren K. “5 days”, Lyla “100 million years”, Max “6 ½ months”, Sanjana “1 month”, Sophie “1 week, or tomorrow or three days”, Spencer “10 days.”

It looks like there is a Water Project underway. Thank you finally for this rainy day!

This is what they know about water:

  • It’s important.
  • Fish live in it.
  • You drink it.
  • A creek has water.
  • You can fill up the sink with it.
  • You can have fun in it.
  • You can swim in it.
  • Animals and people need it.
  • Sharks and fish can breathe in water.
  • Jellyfish live in the water.
  • You can float in the water.
  • Water makes ice.
  • Water makes snow.

What they want to know:

  • How does water come out of a hose?
  • How do sharks and fish breathe underwater?
  • How does water come out of a faucet?
  • How does water fill up a swimming pool?

Finding the answers is the fun part!

  • Fieldwork
  • Expert Guests
  • Classroom experiments
  • Firefighters!

Inside and outside of the classroom, research leads to more questions and more solutions. Project work is an exercise in curiosity, the building blocks to a life-long love of learning.

Still curious about how long that puddle lasted?

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