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Una’s November Podcast: The Learning Center Story

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The journey began eleven years ago with visionary Brutus Clay, dyslexic alum, parent, and board member, over dinner with then Head of School Chuck Baldecchi. Add a strong and thoughtful task force and passionate Director, Jane Childers, and The Learning Center was born.

The Learning Center is celebrating its tenth year in a BIG way because it has had a BIG impact locally on the individual lives of children and families who have been fortunate enough to experience the program. We’ve opened a BIG new building and finally integrated the program in the way we imagined all those years ago. We have a lot to celebrate.

This month’s podcast is the compelling story of The Learning Center told through the hearts of a visionary Brutus Clay, Director Jane Childers, former student, George Freeman, and parents, Marty and Teresa Johnson and me (George happens to be my son).  Please join me and my guests, enjoy some original music from 5th grade TLC student, singer, and songwriter, Ameera, and grow in your awareness of “neurodiversity.” 

And for those who want to dive a little deeper, here are a few more resources for you:

1. NEW TLC VIDEO produced in close collaboration with TLC students.
2. Dean Bragonier’s TED TALK on “The True Gifts of Dyslexia.”
3. WHAT IS DYSLEXIA? A good resource for clear answers.
4. From the Archives: Letter from Brutus Clay to the TLS Board of Trustees
5. HERE is 5th grade TLC student Ameera’s unabridged TLC song. 

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