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#EarthDay2020: Celebrate and Share.

It’s the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Since 1970, Earth Day has motivated a recognition and public voice for the state of the planet and public guidelines on ways to better care for it. This year because of the Coronavirus and social distancing, there will be no large picnics, festivals or concerts to attend, but without question, there are plenty of ways for us all to celebrate and share #EarthDay2020.

The Lexington School faculty/staff are hard at work educating our students remotely, building creative activities and resources to engage these young learners without the luxury of in-person classrooms. Earth Day is no exception.

Earth Day Teacher Desk

Leanne Zimmerman, the fourth-grade “Biomes” Science teacher, explains why she took the time to send an Earth Day care-package to each of her students this year. “This fiftieth anniversary of Earth Day is especially important. With quarantines in place around the world, air and water pollution have been significantly minimized. Families are taking more walks, hiking, and taking time to appreciate our beautiful, natural world. Our impact on the world is important, and we can make changes in it one person and one day at a time.”

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4th Grade Activities: On Wednesday, the fourth graders will be wearing the tree shirts they made prior to “Healthy at Home,” and they are going to be wildflower planting and making and putting up posters with their Earth Day message of choice. On Friday, which is Arbor Day, we will all be planting Kentucky Coffee Tree seeds.

Megan Conley, Kindergarten through third grade Science teacher, popped around to Zoom meetings all morning to explain the various activities she has curated for students of all ages. She explains why she took the time to build a week of activities around Earth Day. “I feel it is important to celebrate Earth Day this year as a reminder to be mindful of how connected we are to our planet and how critical it is to care for it! I would love for my students to try any simple action for change like unplugging electronics, not in use or reuse “trash” to make something like a bird feeder!” 


Earth Day Poem by Peyton, 2nd Grade

Great idea, Mrs. Conley. Great minds think alike! In fact, even our tiniest of Acorns is getting in on the big day. Wear green everyone, and here is a fun activity Acorns teacher Laura Murray shares for the youngest of TLS children: 

In Middle School, Earth Day is finding its way. Sallye Staley’s art students are studying and replicating the work of the environmental artist, Andy Goldsworthy, and Jason Hurst, an Organic Chemistry teacher, has provided some Earthy friendly assignments as well.


It’s not just faculty and staff providing curricular enrichment for students and families. There are numerous parents and alumni who are super-charged about the earth and environment. Prior to COVID-19 and remote learning, a fantastic and full-day speaker series was to be a part of a school-wide 50th Anniversary Earth Day celebration. One of the keynote presenters was our own Jenny Turner Garlington, host and co-producer of EcoSense for Living on PBS LearningMedia. Learn more about eco-champion Jenny and the work she is doing here. 

#EARTHDAY2020 is happening digitally and happening big. 50 years and growing strong, take some time to enjoy the earth, whether you are teaching, learning, walking, running, or just taking a deep, deep breath. It is here for you–here for us all, together. 

Earth Day in ACTION: 

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