The mission of The Lexington School is to provide an education of the highest quality to students in preschool through middle school. In a structured, nurturing environment, The Lexington School seeks to instill integrity, a life-long enthusiasm for learning, and a strong work ethic.


A Gradual Graduation

On August 7, the TLS class of 2020 and their families were invited to a drive-thru diploma ceremony. Arriving in white dresses and navy blue blazers, graduates received their TLS ties and silver leaf necklaces and removed their masks momentarily for a social-distanced, pretend diploma hand-off with Head of School, Una MacCarthy. A little awkward and weird, a bit funny and definitely very sweet, this TLS gradual graduation moment was just one in a gradual graduation series since spring that celebrates this special class.

Certain traditions aren’t easily replicated. The Southwest Trip is delayed. The eighth-grade Etiquette Dinner with pre-packaged place settings and virtual toasts was neat in its own way but still better when the glasses actually clink. The Bourbon County drive-in movie tribute was surreal as students watched their memories on a massive cinema screen, and the last carline where students popped out of their car sunroofs and windows to wave and cheer goodbye with their teachers was a different and energizing take on the traditional tunnel of love. Some of these gradual graduating moments just may stick to become this graduating class’s own touch on new TLS traditions.

Yet another gradual graduation moment for this Class of 2020 is the first-ever virtual commencement address by alumna Kameron Cox ’06. With a striking NYC backdrop, Kameron sent sage advice and best wishes to his fellow TLS alums. See Kameron’s reflections here as part of a virtual graduation video: 

Moment by moment, whether live or recorded, this Class of 2020 is recognized, resilient, and ready to roll. Their time at TLS is in their minds and hearts as they manage the next chapter of their lives. It will happen gradually, and we hope that gradually, these young people so dear to our minds and hearts will come back to visit and let us celebrate them again.

Congrats to the TLS class of 2020!

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